about: staying motivated

My recent steps to motivating myself to stay fitfitbit

  1. I went shopping for fitness clothes.
    I went to a couple discount price stores (Ross and Marshals) and found Calvin Klein leggins, Nike shorts and tops (the form fitting ones with the built in bras?! Perfect.), and a Adidas sports bra. All for under $15 each. And I love them! For me new workout clothes always motivate me and getting them for good prices makes it even more doable. If you buys things you love, you will not want to wait to use them. So buy a few things you look and feel great in and get to work!
  2. I bought a Fitbit Flex.
    Pricing at about $100 this is a more pricier investment but to me it was worth it. It tracks your daily steps and calories burned and the site even lets you log workouts, food and water. It even lets you set goals for the day and lights on the band show you how close you are to reaching them. And (I haven’t quite figured this setting out yet) it will log your sleep which is also very important to staying healthy and happy. The Fitbit is a really motivating tool that allows me to constantly see how my day really was health wise and motivate me to challenge myself and keep improving.
  3. I found real life motivation.
    A girl at my college has recently started a blog recording her fitness journey. Seeing her progress inspires me a lot and makes me want to join in the fun too! I also am sharing my daily goals and calorie intakes and burns with my friend so we can motivate each other (and give each other a little push when motivation fails). Another one of my friends has just started working out. So I declared her as my workout buddy. Yesterday we rode 17 miles on our bikes just because the weather was great and we lost track of time chatting and racing each other! I would completely suggest talking to a friend about starting a fitness journey together whether you have similar goals or not. It is free, keeps you accountable and totally counts as hang out time.
  4. I am trying new things.
    Recently I changed my omelets from having whole eggs to just egg whites. I switched from having desert/ treats to diet soda. (I know its not entirely good for you but it must be better than having candy and cookies constantly). I started talking about my goals to people close to me, something I have hardly ever been confident enough to do. (I lost 20 pounds without my family ever know I was trying). I stopped drinking coffee everyday. I stopped biting my nails for two weeks now. And I have started to find an hour so a few times a week to just lay out by the pool with my friends. All of these things make me feel confident and proud!

What do YOU do to stay motivated?

Off to my first ever yoga class!
❤ Tay


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