about: my favorite things

I love watching YouTube videos and each month my favorite videos to watch are the monthly favorites videos. I have a few girls I follow who give great reviews on products of all types. Here are my favorite products of last month and even past that.

Extended Battery
Quite a few months ago (around October?), my boyfriend bought me an extended battery from Gorilla Gadgets. Basically it makes your phone a little chunkier but gives you a much longer battery life. It’s just a bigger battery that you replace your old one with. I went from losing 50 percent battery in a couple hours (if that) to having a battery all day. If I unplug my phone at 8 a.m. I probably won’t worry about charging it until 7 or 8 at night when it is down to about 20 percent. If you ask me, that is GREAT for a smart phone. Unfortunately, I do not think you can get these for iPhone but they are available for all kinds of androids.

I did a review on my Fitbit a few months ago and my opinion has not changed. It tracks your steps, calories burned, workouts, food and sleep. The battery life is great. It is waterproof. Accurate. And the app works perfectly. Seriously just buy one (I linked you right to the online store). It has changed my entire prospective on being healthy.

Dry Shampoo
I would be lost without dry shampoo. Whether it is my second day hair or I feel a little greasy even the morning after I wash it I can use this too make my hair look cleaner and fuller. I never, ever thought I needed it because typically my hair is not greasy. I wash my hair every day normally. But when I finally decided to buy some I was not disappointed. I linked you to my favorite brand, Not Your Mother’s, which you can get drug stores or beauty stores for about $6.

Marshalls and Ross
Lately, I have been finding great deals at both of these stores. I am going to do a haul on my blog soon about what I bought and all the prices. Expect cute clothes and fitness gear.

Bath and Body Works
Before I go any further PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy anything in the scent Oahu before they discontinue the line. It is the perfect beachy scent for summer and makes me happy every time I shower. I have the body wash and the spray. I have never been a fan of Bath and Body Works, to me I never understood why decisions had to made so complicated on soap. And I never used full bottles of lotion anyway. But now that my best friend has me hooked on it I will never go back. I also think you should buy everyone of their pocket sanitizers and this cute holder.

What are your “can’t-live-withouts”?
❤ Tay


about: Fitbit

I’ve never done a review before but I have some honest and hopefully helpful opinions on my latest splurge, the Fitbit. I bought it about two weeks ago and have grown to love most of the features and have had some trouble with others.

Steps: One of the main features and reasons to buy a Fitbit is it tracks your steps and distance. I’ve never been one to track my steps and I was very surprised on how much I wasn’t walking. I quickly noticed my calorie burn per day was highly affected by my steps and how little things make a difference daily. As simple as this feature is I love it, I feel that it very accurate (moving my hands while talking or typing doesn’t affect my steps) and it is motivating!

Calories burned: This is a great feature. I have never known how many calories I burn in a normal day! It varies so much each day depending on what I’m doing and how much I am moving and it is great to see how much I can eat while staying under how much I burned (I am currently trying to lose weight). One thing that kind of stinks is you do have to enter in workouts like biking or weight lifting but the website and app make it easy to do. This device is not a heart rate monitor and estimates a lot based on steps and the information you give it about yourself. I still get a lot of use out of my polar watch so for those like me who just got one for Christmas… don’t worry! It won’t go to waste.

Sleep Tracking: I have tried almost every night to track my sleep with out much luck. It says to tap your Fitbit device to turn on the sleep mode but I haven’t gotten it to work once. If I go through the app and click begin sleep it seems to work but takes a while to actually show my sleeping pattern from that night. The few times it has seemed to track my sleep I was very surprised by how much it says I was actually awake or restless. If anyone has any tips on getting it to work properly I’d love to hear!

The site: As much as I hate tracking food, I have became a complete addict of logging in and syncing my device and logging my water and meals and workout. Which is great! The site is easy to function and has had few glitches. And I got an unexpected weekly email that showed my best day and worse day and my averages. It was very motivating to read into and I cannot wait for this weeks!

Battery Life: I was really worried about the battery life on the Fitbit and how often and how long I’d have to charge it. So far in two weeks I have had to charge it once for about 20-30 minutes. I did it while going through work and school emails and am now at about 50% battery life almost a week later.

Comfort: At first I had trouble getting the Fitbit to actually stay on, until I asked a friend and I was just trying to hard.You simply press straight down while getting the band to clasp together and that is it. After figuring that out it has been very comfortable and unnoticeable. (and btw… I can’t stand anything on my wrists, not even hair ties.) It came with two band sizes which is unlike other similar brands where you have to actually buy the correct size for you. I tested the bands on some friends and each could find one that fit great.

To clarify I have a Fitbit Flex and I love it. I bought it for $106 (including tax) from Target about two weeks ago. I have lost a total of 8 pounds in two weeks myself with the motivation from this device and am eating more than I used to using LoseIt! since I can actually see a closer estimate to how much I am burning and not be worried I am eating too much. I believe it is totally worth the splurge. I would love to hear what YOU think about the Fitbit or a similar advice or answer any questions you may have about it.

❤ Tay

about: staying motivated

My recent steps to motivating myself to stay fitfitbit

  1. I went shopping for fitness clothes.
    I went to a couple discount price stores (Ross and Marshals) and found Calvin Klein leggins, Nike shorts and tops (the form fitting ones with the built in bras?! Perfect.), and a Adidas sports bra. All for under $15 each. And I love them! For me new workout clothes always motivate me and getting them for good prices makes it even more doable. If you buys things you love, you will not want to wait to use them. So buy a few things you look and feel great in and get to work!
  2. I bought a Fitbit Flex.
    Pricing at about $100 this is a more pricier investment but to me it was worth it. It tracks your daily steps and calories burned and the site even lets you log workouts, food and water. It even lets you set goals for the day and lights on the band show you how close you are to reaching them. And (I haven’t quite figured this setting out yet) it will log your sleep which is also very important to staying healthy and happy. The Fitbit is a really motivating tool that allows me to constantly see how my day really was health wise and motivate me to challenge myself and keep improving.
  3. I found real life motivation.
    A girl at my college has recently started a blog recording her fitness journey. Seeing her progress inspires me a lot and makes me want to join in the fun too! I also am sharing my daily goals and calorie intakes and burns with my friend so we can motivate each other (and give each other a little push when motivation fails). Another one of my friends has just started working out. So I declared her as my workout buddy. Yesterday we rode 17 miles on our bikes just because the weather was great and we lost track of time chatting and racing each other! I would completely suggest talking to a friend about starting a fitness journey together whether you have similar goals or not. It is free, keeps you accountable and totally counts as hang out time.
  4. I am trying new things.
    Recently I changed my omelets from having whole eggs to just egg whites. I switched from having desert/ treats to diet soda. (I know its not entirely good for you but it must be better than having candy and cookies constantly). I started talking about my goals to people close to me, something I have hardly ever been confident enough to do. (I lost 20 pounds without my family ever know I was trying). I stopped drinking coffee everyday. I stopped biting my nails for two weeks now. And I have started to find an hour so a few times a week to just lay out by the pool with my friends. All of these things make me feel confident and proud!

What do YOU do to stay motivated?

Off to my first ever yoga class!
❤ Tay

about: how my mom made my day 4,000 miles away


Today I got a care package from my mom. I live and go to school in Florida and she lives in Hawaii.

Anyway, it seriously made my day! I mean look at all the great things she sent! If you are anything like me you can see she did a great job. Junk food, nice pens, a magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover, soaps, and so much more. I am just so happy.

Basically it inspired me to go out of my way more and to be more giving. Even those little things put together are so exciting.

Tomorrow is my newly made best friends birthday and I cannot make it to her birthday dinner because I have to work (oh yeah.. I babysit!) so I bought her a gift card to the place she is going to eat and a bunch of birthday balloons that I am going to surprise her with.

Doing stuff for others can make you feel so good about yourself! It’s awesome!

❤ Tay