about: how my mom made my day 4,000 miles away


Today I got a care package from my mom. I live and go to school in Florida and she lives in Hawaii.

Anyway, it seriously made my day! I mean look at all the great things she sent! If you are anything like me you can see she did a great job. Junk food, nice pens, a magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover, soaps, and so much more. I am just so happy.

Basically it inspired me to go out of my way more and to be more giving. Even those little things put together are so exciting.

Tomorrow is my newly made best friends birthday and I cannot make it to her birthday dinner because I have to work (oh yeah.. I babysit!) so I bought her a gift card to the place she is going to eat and a bunch of birthday balloons that I am going to surprise her with.

Doing stuff for others can make you feel so good about yourself! It’s awesome!

❤ Tay