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I love watching YouTube videos and each month my favorite videos to watch are the monthly favorites videos. I have a few girls I follow who give great reviews on products of all types. Here are my favorite products of last month and even past that.

Extended Battery
Quite a few months ago (around October?), my boyfriend bought me an extended battery from Gorilla Gadgets. Basically it makes your phone a little chunkier but gives you a much longer battery life. It’s just a bigger battery that you replace your old one with. I went from losing 50 percent battery in a couple hours (if that) to having a battery all day. If I unplug my phone at 8 a.m. I probably won’t worry about charging it until 7 or 8 at night when it is down to about 20 percent. If you ask me, that is GREAT for a smart phone. Unfortunately, I do not think you can get these for iPhone but they are available for all kinds of androids.

I did a review on my Fitbit a few months ago and my opinion has not changed. It tracks your steps, calories burned, workouts, food and sleep. The battery life is great. It is waterproof. Accurate. And the app works perfectly. Seriously just buy one (I linked you right to the online store). It has changed my entire prospective on being healthy.

Dry Shampoo
I would be lost without dry shampoo. Whether it is my second day hair or I feel a little greasy even the morning after I wash it I can use this too make my hair look cleaner and fuller. I never, ever thought I needed it because typically my hair is not greasy. I wash my hair every day normally. But when I finally decided to buy some I was not disappointed. I linked you to my favorite brand, Not Your Mother’s, which you can get drug stores or beauty stores for about $6.

Marshalls and Ross
Lately, I have been finding great deals at both of these stores. I am going to do a haul on my blog soon about what I bought and all the prices. Expect cute clothes and fitness gear.

Bath and Body Works
Before I go any further PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy anything in the scent Oahu before they discontinue the line. It is the perfect beachy scent for summer and makes me happy every time I shower. I have the body wash and the spray. I have never been a fan of Bath and Body Works, to me I never understood why decisions had to made so complicated on soap. And I never used full bottles of lotion anyway. But now that my best friend has me hooked on it I will never go back. I also think you should buy everyone of their pocket sanitizers and this cute holder.

What are your “can’t-live-withouts”?
❤ Tay